Silverdale Repeater Changing CTCSS Tone to 88.5 Hz

The KCACS Silverdale repeater on 145.430 MHz will have a new access subtone (CTCSS or PL tone).  It is moving to 88.5 Hz, before October 1.  The random keyups on this repeater are from the present 179.9-Hz tone—this frequency is the third harmonic of the power-line frequency.  The repeater senses this strong signal as a valid tone and activates the repeater transmitter.  If you’ve wondered who is “kerchunking” the repeater constantly, it’s not a “who, “instead, it is a “what:” it is the power system!

Please review how to change the programmed memory channel in your radio(s), to get ready to change the access tone to 88.5 Hz.