June 19 Leadership Huddle Minutes

KCACS Leadership Huddle Meeting Minutes
June 19, 2017
Central Kitsap Fire Station 56


1.  Call to order, 6:00 p.m. by Tyler of AF7BO

2.  Welcoming remarks (6pm):

3.  Ten-minute Talk Mike of KB0SVF: ICS Best Practices

4.  Reports (please come prepared)

a.  Program Manager Jason McMillan—although not present at the meeting, Tyler of AF7BO reported Jason’s requests for Operational Area Managers:

·     Inventory each station

·     Assign every OP to a station

b. Unit Leader Mike of KB0SVF

·     Email the group to remind Area Managers to complete Equipment Inventory Task

·     Collect Inventory Lists for each Area

·     Ensure responders are trained at their duty station

·     Mike will send out a punch list (group tasks / action items)

c.  Deputy Leader Dan of K7MM (pre-approved absence)

d.  Bainbridge Island Area Manager Craig of AC7BV Bainbridge—need volunteers for Rotary Auction, coming on Saturday, July 1; contact Craig

e.  Central Kitsap / Bremerton Area Manager Chris of KG6O—inroads made with Central Kitsap School District, thanks to Alf of W7ALF

f.  North Kitsap Area Manager Tom of W7LUU—made good contacts with volunteers from the North county at the ACES Basic class last week in Bremerton EOC

g. South Kitsap Area Manager Lee of KI7LEE—Newberry Hill repeater might be updated soon; Dan of K7MM is working with Jason and others for funding required fixes (required by Kitsap 911)

h.  Medical Team Manager (Russ of WA7DRK?)

Peter needs a replacement, suggested: Terry Lerma of KG7YEN. MST-type of role.  We need to update the shack. There are probably 30 people on the med list, but only 10 active.  Credentials are required, along with HIPAA training.

i.  PSNS and IMF Team Manager Gordy of KK7UA:  N/A

j.  NTS Liaison Jere of W7TVA:  N/A

k.  Red Cross Liaison Tammy of WA7TZ:  N/A

l.  CERT Liaison Kevin of KC6CRT: N/A

m. Also present at this meeting was Dean of KK6DMA, Bainbridge Island

5.  Old business

a.  Frequency list:

Alf has a draft comm plan, after reviewing from WWARA, but not ready for full evaluation yet

b.  Mission statement:


c.  Training (AF7BO): rolling training into practice (operator qualifications)
 (See https:// https://http://www.kcacs.org/kcdem-acs-races-plan/ )

We are working on making all operators “RADO” status

Requiring ICS-100,200,700,800 (which we should be encouraging our members to complete… regardless)

Quick Series manuals are helpful at each duty station

Map Your Neighborhood should be completed for where you live

Check into ACS Net one time, every 13 weeks

Attend one training/year (e.g. ACES class)

Attend one event/year

Have ready a go-kit and 3-day kit

Maintain you own activity log during exercise/events/activation

d.  Training at county duty stations: Who? When?

e.  Net-control sharing on Sunday-night  net

f.  Filling leadership roles (do you have your “second?”)

6.  New business

a.  Next BASIC EMCOMM class

·         We first need to get our own materials blessed before we can schedule a class

·         We can give an ACES certificate at the end of the class

·         We might have to tweak the curriculum to comply with our KCACS plan

b.  Next Leadership Huddle date (tentative): Wednesday, July 5, 2017

c.  Next Ten-Minute Talk for the huddle

Mike will bring his 10-min-talk for next meeting

7.  Announcements

a.  Field Day

·         Field Day is this Saturday and Sunday, June 24 and June 25

Kitsap County Amateur Radio Club:  Silver Spur Riding Club, 8000 Nels Nelson Rd., Bremerton,WA

·         West Sound Amateur Radio Club:  County Regional Park at Jackson and Lund, Port Orchard

b.  Rotary Auction

Tyler (AF7BO needs volunteers) on Saturday July 1

c.  HamCram! Is coming on October 15

d. Mike of KB0SVF is putting together a work party at DEM this Friday 23rd to remove radio gear from the ACS Comm van.  Email Mike ASAP to join in the effort!

8.  Good of the order

9.  Adjournment—we adjourned the meeting at 8:00 p.m.