July 24 Leadership Huddle AGENDA

KCACS Leadership Huddle Meeting Agenda
July 24, 2017
Central Kitsap Fire Station 56


1.  Call to order, 6:00 p.m.

2.  Welcoming remarks

3.  Ten-minute Talk:  Mike of KB0SVF on ICS Best Practices

4.  Reports (please come prepared)

a.  KCACS Manager Jason McMillan

·     Inventory each station

·     Assign every OP to a station

b. Operations Section Chief, Mike of KB0SVF

·     Email the group to remind Area Managers to complete Equipment Inventory Task

·     Collect Inventory Lists for each Area

·     Ensure responders are trained at their duty station

·     Mike will send out a punch list (group tasks / action items)

c.  Assistant Operations Chief, Dan of K7MM

d. Logistics Section Chief, Lester of AB7Y

e. Finance/Admin Section Chief, open

f.   Bainbridge Island Unit Leader, Craig of AC7BV Bainbridge

g.  Central Kitsap Unit Leader, Chris of KG6O

h.  Bremerton Unit Leader, Chris of KG6O

i.    North Kitsap Unit Leader, Tom of W7LUU

j.   South Kitsap Unit Leader, Lee of KI7LEE

k.  Health/Hospitals Unit Leader, open

l.   PSNS and IMF Agency Leader, Gordy of KK7UA

m. Red Cross Agency Leader, Tammy of WA7TZ

n.  CERT Agency Leader, Kevin of KC6CRT

5.  Old business

a.  Frequency list ICS 205

b.  Training

c.  Field Day

d.  Rotary Auction

e.  Comm Vehicle decommissioning



6.  New business

a.  Next BASIC EMCOMM class

b.  Next Leadership Huddle date

c.  Next Ten-Minute Talk for the huddle

7.  Announcements

a. HamCram! Is coming on October 15

b.  Mike of KB0SVF will form a work party to tear apart the old comm vehicle; volunteers welcome

8.  Good of the order

9.  Adjournment