Leadership Huddle Agenda, June 19, 2017

Leadership Huddle Meeting Agenda   (download)

June 19, 2017, 6:00 p.m.

Central Kitsap Fire Station 56, 6470 Seabeck Highway NW, Bremerton

1.    Call to order, 6:00 p.m.

2.    Welcoming remarks

3.    Ten-minute Talk          Mike of KB0SVF:  ICS Best Practices

4.    Reports (please come prepared)

a.    Program Manager                                           Jason McMillan

b.    Unit Leader                                                     Mike of KB0SVF

c.     Deputy Leader                                                Dan of K7MM (absent)

d.    Bainbridge Island Area Manager                    Craig of AC7BV

e.    Central Kitsap / Bremerton Area Manager     Chris of KG6O

f.      North Kitsap Area Manager                            Tom of W7LUU

g.    South Kitsap Area Manager                           Lee of KI7LEE

h.    Medical Team Manager                                  Russ of WA7DRK

i.      PSNS and IMF Team Manager                      Gordy of KK7UA

j.      NTS Liaison                                                     Jere of W7TVA

k.     Red Cross Liaison                                           Tammy of WA7TZ

l.      CERT Liaison                                                  Kevin of KC6CRT

5.    Old business

a.    Frequency list

b.    Mission statement

c.     Training:  rolling training into practice (operator qualifications)

                                          i.    See https://www.kcacs.org/kcdem-acs-races-plan/

d.    Training at county duty stations:  Who? When?

e.    Net-control sharing on Sunday-night net

f.      Filling leadership roles (do you have your “second?”)

g.    Medical Team new leader

6.    New business

a.    Next BASIC EMCOMM class

b.    Next Leadership Huddle date

c.     Next Ten-Minute Talk for the huddle

7.    Announcements

a.    Field Day

b.    Rotary auction

c.     HamCram! October 15

8.    Good of the order

9.    Adjournment