Leadership Huddle Meeting Minutes, May 24, 2017

Kitsap EOC, 911 Carver St., Bremerton, WA

6:00 p.m.

Items in Bold-Large Text are action items.

1.       Welcome remarks


Mike of KB0SVF opened the meeting at 6:01 p.m.  In attendance were the following:

Jason McMillan, Operations Coordinator, KCDEM

Mike of KB0SVF, Unit Manager

Tim of KG7THT, Fire Station 6 station manager

Lee of KI7LEE, South Operational Area Manager

Bob of KG7YEF, WSUD station manager

Alf of W7ALF

Jere of W7TVA, NTS Liaison

Chris of KG6O, Central/Bremerton Operational Area Manager

Lester of AB7Y, Technical Equipment Manager

Tyler of AF7BO, Assistant to Unit Manager

Tom of W7LUU, North Operational Area Manager

Barry of AC7MD, Washington Veterans Home station manager

Gordy of KK7UA, PSNS and IMF net

Dan of K7MM, Deputy Unit Manager

Tom of W7LUU reported on the recent Viking Ride bike-race support near Poulsbo. He urged everyone to include eye protection in their go kits—he had lots of dust at his duty location. There were not enough communicators at the Viking Ride. It was not published well in our KCACS organization. We have new means of intercommunication on our new Facebook GROUP (not the old Facebook page), and on our new website  www.kcacs@kcacs.org . To publicize, send email to kcacs@kcacs.org . Dan of K7MM will get this email and distribute to the Facebook group, email notifications, and on the website. Also, please list these events on our Sunday evening nets.

Dan will make the area leaders admins on the KCACS Facebook group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/KitsapCountyACS/ .

Please “friend” Dan on Facebook

[Ed.: I’m the only one with Gonzaga University, so search “dan ransom gonzaga”] so he can add you to this group, and then make you an admin.

We need to find a person to take over the Medical team from Peter at KB7TGF. This person needs HIPAA training, which we can provide.

Operations Coordinator Jason McMillan spoke about the job descriptions for Unit Manager and Operational Area Leader. He asked that we send him a report of the activities that we are doing.

[Ed.: Please forward these to Dan at K7MM. I will place in one report to forward to Jason]

2.       Ten-minute training—Frequency Plan: Alf of W7ALF

Alf of W7ALF reported on the frequency plan and he distributed a list. The channels on two meters are for voice and for digital. These channels will be highly congested during an activation. The Olalla repeater was not operating. Mike asked at Peninsula Amateur Radio Association but has not gotten a response. Alf said that he will check with them one more time. Alf asked where the divisions of North Central and South regions occur. The answer is that we use the fire-district designations, AND area leaders should confirm these with each other. Alf urged us to monitor multiple frequencies during an activation and exercises. He stated that simplex needs more practice, particularly practicing relaying. Tyler of AF7BO asked if we could do a “telephone game” relay exercise going from South to North, for example.

Chris of KG6O mentioned that we need to exercise with as much coordination as possible and include real-world interference, to grow our skills. Chris stated that everyone should know the following:

How to access the frequency via the frequency plan How to contact net control

Take an assignment from net control

Go off to another frequency for that message task and then return

Alf of W7ALF mentioned that he had a good suggestion from Frank at NM7R, ARES WWA Section Emergency Coordinator, about using distant repeater output frequencies for local simplex. Be sure that you are on the distant repeater OUTPUT, not the input frequency.

3.       Old business

a.       Mission statement

Mike and Dan will work on this in light of their meeting with Jason earlier today. They will review the older and new KCACS documents from Jason.

b.       Training

i.      Training–roll plan into practice: Tyler of AF7BO and Tim of KG7THT

Tyler presented the Seattle ACS documents with specifications of levels for skill development in their task book. These are new member, RADO (radio operator) and S- RADO (senior radio operator). Each level has qualifications that must be completed, so that operators become trained. He stated that we don’t want to make this onerous, and that we want to give people opportunities to increase their skills.

Every person will track their own skill-task completions. Tim agreed that this could be done on integrity and communication, and that personal accounting of your completed tasks is the way to go to qualify people. Tyler mentioned “trust, but verify.”

ii.       Basic emcomm training, ACES, June 10 and June 11

Those who have teaching sessions, please review your slide decks and add slide notes to each slide. We will be passing these to other people to present, so the notes are critical to those who present in the future.


iii.       Training at county locations

Mike agreed that we need to emphasize our training calendar, and to hold these trainings. Tyler mentioned that we need to be there, even if few attend at first, to develop a presence.

Dan of K7MM has a video that he did at Fire Station 31 in northwest Bremerton. He mentioned that this is easy to make with three people: one presenter/expert at running the gear; one student, and one person running the video recorder (smartphone). From the resulting video, you can make operational “cheat” sheets—step-by-step lists and small, inset drawings of how to get the station equipment running. Lester mentioned that Michele at KCDEM can laminate these for us. Every station should, at least, have the laminated cheat sheets. A video is good to have as well. Dan will place the video on the www.kcacs.org website.

Tyler will deliver a list of a basic ops manual on June 19.

It is okay to “borrow” from other groups.

c.       Running net control, net-control script

Tom of W7LUU had trouble with the net-control script table for check-ins. He wanted to eliminate the large space between check-in groups. The leaders in attendance discussed why we take checkins and how we checking (callsigns, areas, separate calls). We agreed that we need to report the checkins. Send these to kcacs@kcacs.org . Tyler suggested a shareable (Google) document. Chris of KG6O asked that there be a link on the www.kcacs.org webpage. There must be instructions as to how to input/manage the list. Chris mentioned that we will use Tom as the beta tester.

Tyler and Chris will work on documenting checkins and have a report by June 19.

d.       Filling leadership roles

i.      Update on recent leadership changes See the website net-control script for the leadership list.

ii.       Getting more station managers

Every position should have an alternate/backup/trainee. If you don’t have one, please arrange one.

We covered these positions:

 Mike will call Russ to ask if he will join us.

4.       New business

a.       Field Day sites—get people to turn out!

Mike asked that we take along a ham who doesn’t get on the air and take them to Field Day.

5.       Announcements

a.       Next Leadership Huddle: June 19 at Fire Station 56.

6.       Good of the order

Jason McMillan announced that KCDEM Mike Gordon is retiring. There will be a job posting in July, with a new person by September to work with Mike until he leaves in January. Mike is adamant about no retirement party and no gifts. Jason is applying for this position.

Homeland Security funding might be going away, so equipment funding could be skinny in the future.

Dan and Mike will create an equipment list and forward this to Jason by June 15.

Please provide your input.

There are some updates needed for the Newberry-Hill repeater site for which we can submit requests. Mike, Dan and Lester will take a trip to view the site on Friday, May 26 at 1:00 p.m.

Jere urged us to be more active in traffic handling.

7.       Meeting feedback

The consensus was that the agenda was good. We need to work harder on staying on topic. The time should be no longer than 2 hours, preferably 1.5 hours maximum.

Today was 2 hours and five minutes (better that 3 hours!).