5th Saturday Exercise

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Date(s) - Saturday, September 29, 2018
8:30 am - 12:00 pm

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5th Saturday KARS Emergency Communication Exercise Plan

Kitsap Auxilliary Radio Service will be conducting an Emergency Communications Exercise between 0800 and 1200 on 29 September 2018.


  • activate the Kitsap County EOC (Amateur Radio only)
  • activate ACS/KARS stations throughout the county
  • test equipment
  • conduct comm checks
  • conduct operator training
  • operate a Tactical Net with a Net Control Station
  • operate a Resource Net with a Net Control Station
  • maintain required logs, forms and documentation
  • VHF Simplex test between Jefferson/Clallum/Kitsap
  • 6M Blyn Repeater test between Jefferson/Clallum/Kitsap
  • check in with Washington State Emergency Net
  • check in with Washington State Emergency Management Department
  • check in with other organizations as time permits

Instructions for all participants:

For the purpose of this exercise, the Tactical Net (NCS Kitsap EOC) will be on the Kitsap County DEM repeater (145.430-/88.5).  The Resource Net (NCS Resources) will be on the West Sound Amateur Radio Club repeater 145.390-/88.5, which will be unlinked for this exercise.

The Kitsap County EOC (Amateur Radio only) will be manned during this exercise.  The Bremerton EOC (Amateur Radio only) will also be activated.

Normally a resource net would be used to assign operators to a station as well as keep track of operators travelling to/from their assigned station.  For this exercise, participants will report to their normally assigned ACS/KARS station or an alternate station previously arranged with your District/Group Supervisor and keep the Resources NCS informed of your location as you travel.

It is understood that many participants are not able to stay activated for the full duration of the exercise.  Please request approval from the Net Control Station prior to deactivation and keep the Resource Net informed at all times from departing to returning home, just like this was a real activation.

All participants must be listed on a Washington State Emergency Management Department form EMD-78. The Resource Net will be used to populate this form.  “Resources” will sign participants in, out, list destination, hours and mileage.   This form is used to provide insurance coverage to emergency workers, document hours, time and mileage.  District/Group Supervisors are encouraged to also keep their own EMD-078.  After the exercise they will all be compiled into a Master submission to the Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management.

Operator instructions:

All operators who are participating in this 5th Saturday exercise should:

  • Check in with “Resources” when departing home; Call sign, DEM card number if you have one, destination and expected arrival time.
  • Report arrival at your station and mileage to Resources.
  • Each operator should maintain an ICS-309 Communications Log for each position.
  • Obtain approval from your District/Group Supervisor prior to departing your assigned station.
  • Inform Resources of your destination and expected arrival time.
  • Check out with Resources upon arrival and provide your round trip mileage.
  • Self-document your participation including any training you may have received such as packet messaging, HF comms, etc.

Station instructions:

  • Conduct a safety brief with assigned personnel.
  • When the station is manned and ready, check in to the Tactical Net with a manned and ready report.
  • Conduct comm checks on all VHF/UHF/HF voice and packet capabilities
  • If Packet capable, send messages to KCEOC, BREMEOC, SKFDOC, RVHCOM,and any other ACS/KARS station on the air.
  • Conduct operator training on station capabilities
  • Each station maintain an ICS-214
  • Each station maintain a Washington State EMD-078 form
  • Maintain list of lessons learned.
  • Request permission from Tactical net prior to deactivating each station or releasing operators early.
  • Forward all documentation to KARS leadership.

Exercise Timeline:

0800 – Kitsap EOC will be activated as Net Control Station for the Tactical Net, call sign is “Kitsap EOC”.

0800 – The Resource net will be activated as Net Control Station for the Resources Net, call sign is “Resources”.

0815 – Activate KARS stations.

0815 – 0900 Check in with your District Operations Center (DOC).  South Kitsap Fire, Bremerton, Central, etc. Report manned and ready status, operators present, equipment capabilities to your DOC.  DOCs report manned and ready, which stations manned and ready, your own operators present and equipment capabilities to EOC.

0900 – 0930 Check-in to WSEN 3985.0 LSB if HF capable.

1000 – 1200 Check-in with the Washington State EMD at Camp Murray on 3985.0 LSB if HF capable.

TBD: KCEOC and/or Bremerton EOC test VHF Simplex with Jefferson and Clallum Counties.

TBD: pass traffic via 6M Blyn repeater to Jefferson and Clallum Counties.

TBD: All stations practice packet messages to Kitsap County EOC (KCEOC), Bremerton EOC (BRMEOC), South Kitsap Fire (SKFDOC), Port Orchard EOC (POEOC), Retsil Veterans Home (RVHCOM).  If there are any other stations online that day include them.


Clallum/Jefferson/Kitsap VHF Simplex frequency TBD

Clallum/Jefferson/Kitsap backup plan without 6M Blyn repeater – 20/40/80 TBD